the album



written, recorded, mixed, produced, released by cecilie beck






Even though I wrote, recorded, produced and released the album myself, there are some people that I would like to say a big thank you to, who supported me at various ways during the process, and who helped make the project possible. First of all, all the people I sing about.  Some of them I'll thank by name, some of them I'll thank in spirit.


Thank you Ben, Caitlin, Malene, Brian, Alex, James, Justine, Chaney, McArthur, Frankie, Henry, Rose, Belinda, Billy, Pat, Emilie, Andre, Rocko Rockbird, Dexter, Tvebak, Laura, Draco, Kristine and Karla.



by grammy award winning producer Brian Michel Bacchus




Label: Sound Vision Lab

Release Date: May 31 2019



The first single off of Cecilie Beck’s 2nd album is the riveting and funky Deeper than Love, which dropped on all digital formats on May 13th from her brand new 2nd album, Moonbeam. An alluring heartfelt collection of 14 songs, all written, recorded and produced by Cecilie Beck herself, and released on her own label,

Sound Vision Lab.


In the Summer of 2018 Cecilie traveled between the US (NYC), Germany (Berlin), Norway (in a small

multi-discipline art space in a lighthouse on the Arctic Circle) and her birthplace Denmark. She brought a microphone, her mini midi board and a laptop. She was curious to see what would happen if she

used the most basic tools to create art and songs from the gut.

The concept was simple - be honest, experiment, learn, but most importantly, have fun!


Moonbeam is real, playful, impulsive, spontaneous, experimental and raw! Although she has pulled in a cacophony of punk, reggae, rock, latin, hip hop and soul rhythms, the music ended up fitting together like a wonderful jigsaw puzzle into her own experimental pop melange. Beck has already lived in 5 different countries in her short lifetime, but after being in NYC for almost 8 productive years, decided to move back to Berlin in January of 2019. Moonbeam is the result of all her cultural interactions and movement over the years, and its humorous utopia of impressions and influences collected through her travels is transformed through her Scandinavian prism.


Cecilie Beck has a background in visual arts and all of her projects have a sonic as well as visual side to them. Waves under Water was written after she had started filming what ended up becoming the music video. While hitchhiking with a friend, they were picked up by a van with two nomad musicians and a cockatoo. A few days later when she met up with Rocko Rockbird she had to disappoint his dad and let him know that she was just in it for the bird. And that’s how the filming of the video began! Before she knew it, she found herself creating an entire video project, where she dressed up like various animals. This video is released along with the album.

The lead off single, Deeper than Love, is a song about a friend who supported her through some very dark periods in her life but then brought darkness into her life at other times. By “Deeper than Love” Ms. Beck meant that the connection was karmic - they really knew each other and do have a connection, but that it needed to be opened to be released. Her young piano student Rose dances in the music video and

shows off her dangerous nunchuck skills! The video was released on May 13.

Burn the Walls is an acapella from her archives - it is a song about writing graffiti in abandoned factories.

Young and Free is a song about traveling and celebrating life with your friends.  She has a young fan in Croatia who has become her cyber-little-sister. Arijana and her friends are currently creating the video for the song.

In Spaced Out, Beck sings about how we can become the noise that surrounds us in the streets and

on social media, and about how human interaction has become abstract culture, traveling across

time and space in incomprehensible waves.

Army of Angels is a junkyard of punk rhythms with hip hop verbiage, bringing positive reinforcement through the power of angels and art. It also battles the “haters” who try to tear down a relationship.

Most of the songs were written while traveling in 2018. A few of them are from the archives, and two were put together right as she re-oriented herself to Berlin again. In these songs, Cecilie Beck sings about the observations that she makes on various social and cultural interactions. Ms. Beck realizes that in her songs

(as well as her visual work) there will always be the tension between searching for a base and wanting

to blast off and explore this beautiful wondrous world!   





1. Young and Free

2. Back Around

3. Don’t worry about Tomorrow

4. Attracted to the Darkness

5. Army Of Angels

6. Spaced Out

7. Velvet Dreams

8. Burn The Walls

9. Calm Waters

10. Deeper Than Love

11. Fall into the Night

12. Red Balloons

13. Waves Under Water

14. Heartbreaker



“It is both nice, noisy, raw and crooked - truly cool!”

- KARRIEREKANONEN (Danish public radio) on the single, Deeper than Love


"Upon first hearing Cecilie Beck I said to myself, after about

the fourth song,“What a unique and original songwriter!”"

- Pulitzer Prize winning composer,  Henry Threadgill

"Cecilie Beck is a triple threat - a musician/singer, songwriter and multi-disciplined visual artist. But her most dangerous talent is her imagination and concept!  She creates a world where all her talents come together to paint a picture, when she creates songs. Her songs are synesthetic tone poems. They are 3 dimensional with all 5 (or 6) senses being put to work. She is that new renaissance artist! Open your ears, your eyes, the rest of your senses… but most of all your heart to Cecilie Beck!  

-Grammy award winning producer, Brian Bacchus


“Beck possesses a delicate voice with a lilting quality that is a combination of beguiling and femme fatale without the dagger; more akin to silken veils blowing in a gentle breeze…in the moonlight. Her songs emerge out of a visual artist’s perspective and those of a contemporary song stylist who also is a world traveler”  

- Associate Publisher, Jazz Inside Magazine and Vocalist/Composer Nora McCarthy