Let's say Somethings is a project made in collaboration with artist Nathalie Wuerth. It concerns the subjects rhetoric, language, communication and the hierarchy within these three terms.
The performance was practically performed by expressing a row of words in front of a pile of chalk which would be blown to a black board to write the words in different shapes and prints.

When making our list of words, we were thinking of big words, words that have a large distribution, a spread that seemed important and recurring, words that seemed part of the general discourse and that we have some sort of relation to, that we find annoying, pretentious, appealing, neutral etc.
While recording this experiment, we sighed and cheered alternatively, looking at what words were next on the list and that we were about to perform. We wanted to see how they looked if they were not put in letters but written by sound waves and distributed by a physical action. 

Every word has a sound, an appearance and a meaning. Most words are distributed to reach a goal. Words are linguistic tools which we put meaning in to. We do not know if we all experience words in the same way. We only have other words to express the meaning of a single word.

When we put words together in a row, we use a language. When we use rhetoric, we distribute meaning through the use of the language. We have different ways to express our words. A text may be very strong in a song, but can lose its power if separated from the music. A dialogue may be very strong in speech, but can fall apart if the chain of spoken words is written on paper.

Our words were intuitively selected during a conversation. The list of words is neither concluding or excluding. And at the same time it is both. The amount of words does not mean anything to us. When we chose exactly these words, they just came floating in a stream, and we kept pronouncing and writing them as long as they were popping up in our minds.

The words are not necessarily in a logical order. They are taken out of their context before they were even put in one. They are to stand alone, and to be spoken individually. Though most of them are grammatically and contently combined, and though a few words might fall out of these combining boxes, they are not to be understood as a part of a group. After choosing the words we tested if they were strong individuals.

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