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SOUND VISION is a project that exists where science and spirituality meet. 

In the Winter of 2017 I questioned my art practice for the first time. In order to fully understand what I was doing, and why I was doing it, I had to break it down to the core. I realized that my main mediums as an audiovisual artist are sound and light. I have worked with light in meditation for years. Sound and light is very closely related for me; They are two sides of the same coin. I hear a clear sound when I see light. The sound is located in the center of my head where the third eye exists.

I began doing research about sound and light and the similarities between these two parts in nature. Both sound and light can be used as tools of healing and even torture. There is a quality to sound and a quality to light. They both have vibrations, frequencies and waves. After stumbling over Japanese Dr. Emoto's studies of water and consciousness as well as Ernst Chladni's studies in sound and shapes I used their methods to analyze the quality of my own work. 

The project Sound Vision takes its beginning with a light theremin. Perhaps you are familiar with the instrument theremin - a radio wave instrument which one usually plays with the hands. A light theremin, also called a photo synth, is an analog machine that can transform light into sound. It is not made to be used for music, but I met an "alchymist" called Anthony Aliprantis who taught me how to create it as an instrument. My light theremins play a very high pitch in direct sunlight and a deep tone in darkness (or rather "absence of light"). It is possible to play it shadows. I use it to record natural phenomena. I have traveled to record the solar eclipse in Oregon in 2017, and to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, where I recorded the midnight light on a deserted light house island above the Polar Circle. I have recorded the full Moon in Copenhagen, Denmark. And the rainy sky, dawn, dusk, sunset, sunrise and more in the Jammer Bay in Denmark. I am using the sound of the light in my music and I am painting the shapes of the sound (oil on canvas). These are just a few of the aspects I am working on for my exhibition which includes performance, video, installation and a music album that I am hoping to show this in the Spring of 2019. I have found some astonishing results in my research and I am incredibly excited to share them with the world.

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