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"When I lived in Gerupuk, Indonesia for almost 5 months I got to know a special lady. She worked at a surf camp, where I stayed. She was married to the all-around man, Kadek. Even though she cooked every single meal for the camp, nobody knew her name. She was just called "Kadek's wife", but her name was Komang. I started talking to her. In the beginning we didn't understand each other as we didn't share a language. But our deaf friend, Keto translated sincerely with hands and other gestures and soon we got to know each other's history.
In the beginning of my stay at the camp I found that all the ladies who lived there were always, "Olle's girlfriend" or "Christian's girlfriend" or "Scott's girlfriend" etc. In order to drag "Kadek's wife" into the light and clearify her personal profile I ripped the logo of the camp and put up the diploma below on the surfcamp's information board."

- Cecilie Beck

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