Heart & Dart2.jpg

Debut EP "Before Dawn" by Heart and Dart!
Released May 1, 2020

We are Heart and Dart. We are the nighthawk of the butterfly, the moth. The rules for distinguishing moths from butterflies are not well established. One might represent the night, the other one the day. We live in the day, and thrive in the night.
Our species is called the Heart and Dart.

We are machines and vocals.
We are loud. We are tiny. We are soft. We are silent.
We. are. shiny. colourful. grey.
We are pop crushing the jail of 16 bars. The dawn and dusk glitters in the eventide experimental heartbeat.

Cecilie Beck:

songwriter, keys, lyrics, vocals

Tobias Noethen:

songwriter, producer, beats, guitar, flute, keys, synths

Paul Schal, 432Studios

Mastering engineer

Produced at Studio Erde, Frank Zappa Street, Berlin